AMWA 2014 Annual Conference – Sydney, August 29-30

We’re pleased to announce AMWA’s 31st Annual Conference will be held 29-30 August at the University of Technology in Ultimo, Sydney.

This year’s theme is “Overdoing it: tests, treatment & tonics”. Some details are yet to be confirmed, however you can read about the confirmed workshops and speakers below.

Registration will open shortly.

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AMWA Freelance Salary Survey

We are launching our first ever Australasian AMWA freelance salary survey.

AMWA Freelance Salary Survey
We developed this survey with help from our American (AMWA) counterparts who have conducted a similar survey multiple times over the past couple of decades (you can read more about their surveys here).  

Our mentoring program and discussions at our annual conference have highlighted the need for an open but anonymous discussion of freelance rates. Our mentors especially have only their own anecdotal stories and experience to pass on to new writers.  Having evidence-based data will give new writers a starting point for the art of pitching and quoting for new work.

As American AMWA notes: “the survey serves as the most dependable basis for setting salary ranges among employers and for negotiating salaries and contract fees among employees and freelances/consultants.”  
Please not the survey is anonymous and no identifying information will be collected.
All results and data will be available to all members once completed and collated.

Click here  to complete the survey now.

AMWA Victoria May networking event  

When: Monday 12 May at 6pm

Where: Embiggen Books, 197-203 Lt Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

Hear: Author and medico Dr Howard Goldenberg discuss how to find and give life to the story inside and becoming published

Entry is free.  

Join AMWA Vic members for dinner, (TBA) following Howard’s talk.

For information and to RSVP for dinner booking, email:  L.E. Ohman    or  Marissa Philpott  or Jacinta

More about Dr Howard Goldenberg
Howard Goldenberg is a doctor, writer, marathon runner and Olympic torch bearer. He has written two non-fiction books, My Father’s Compass (2007) and Raft (2009). Both non-fiction books were released to great acclaim. Howard has featured as a presenter at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival 2009, in The Australian, and interviewed by Phillip Adams on Late Night Live.

Howard has just released his first novel Carrots and Jaffas, the story of two red-headed identical twins, set in Melbourne and the Flinders Ranges. Through the story the reader encounters the twins’ parents – the emotional, scripture-quoting Luisa and the calm Bernard – as well as two remarkable storytellers, Doc, an eccentric outback doctor and Greta, an Aboriginal elder. Trauma is followed by recovery through the unexpected agency of story and ‘country’ (in the Australian Aboriginal meaning of that term).

AMWA Sydney May networking event

When: Thursday May 1st at 7pm

Where: Firehouse Hotel, 86 Walker Street, North Sydney

What: AMWA executive members Dr Sarah McKay and Michelle Guillemard talk about how (and why) to start a health blog, as well as the tools you can use to leverage your blog for professional success.

Entry is free: Join AMWA NSW members for drinks, nibbles, and networking.

For more information and to RSVP email: Sarah McKay or Michelle Guillemard before Monday 28 April.

About the speakers
Sarah McKay is a neuroscientist with a PhD from Oxford University.  After moving to Australia in search of sunshine she spent five years conducting neuroscience research before deciding to follow her bliss of talking about science rather than doing it.  Now, she combines raising her two boys on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with a career in freelance medical writing.  In 2013 Sarah launched a blog where she specialises in breaking down neuroscience research into simple actionable steps to improve brain health.  She blogs about living a brain healthy lifestyle at Your Brain Health, and runs a Walking Book Club. Through her blog she has attracted numerous new clients and opportunities both on- and off-line.

Michelle Guillemard is an experienced medical writer and an award-winning digital content manager. She has worked for some of the biggest names in health and medicine, such as the British Medical Journal and Elsevier. As well as owning her own freelance health writing business, Michelle runs Health Writer Hub, a global community with resources for writers who specialise in health and medicine. Michelle is passionate about online networking and career development, is a health writing mentor, and her blog on Health Writer Hub provides advice and perspective into the art of health writing. Michelle lives a busy life on Sydney’s northern beaches with her husband and two little girls under 3.

The secret that doctors hate revealing!!

By newly youthful AMWA President Dr Justin Coleman

Justin and Justin

One simple, easy trick revealed!

Warning: Reading this column will change your life. I reveal secrets which other doctors won’t tell you. They will hate me for it, because you need never pay for their services again.

I have recently given up doctoring, with its snail-paced, uncertain outcomes, and instead dedicated my life to writing popup facebook ads. Professional shackles removed, I can finally bring you proven cures which have been known since ancient times, but kept secure by the Doctors’ Code.

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Can a prophylactic treatment for age-related neurodegenerative disease ever be developed?

AMWA Member Blair Hesp explores the challenges associated with developing a prophylactic treatment for age-related neurodegenerative disease.

The graveyard for clinical trials investigating treatments for age-related neurodegenerative disease is becoming more cluttered by the day. Buried in this graveyard are both therapies designed to relieve symptoms and those aimed at slowing disease progression, but by the time they are administered these therapies are inevitably too little, too late given the level of neuronal damage that has occurred by the time most patients become symptomatic.

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Getting to know one another

By AMWA Member Dr George Biro

I came to Australia with my mother and stepfather from Hungary soon after World War Two. My aunt and uncle, who had been here for a decade, told us that the eccentric Aussies played football with a weird egg shaped ball; cricket was another novelty.

A common migrant goal was for kids to study medicine, which I duly did, setting aside a yearning towards journalism. After Medicine 1 at Sydney, we negotiated one year for me to indulge a leaning towards humanities. In Arts 1, I enjoyed Psychology, Economics and Modern History and writing for the student weekly Honi Soit.

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